Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Learn JavaScript in 2022

And I’ve finnaly decided to stick with javascript, because I’ve put too many time in fullstack web development to just switch languages again. When it comes to learning the language, it can be tempting to skip ahead to those time-saving frameworks and libraries we just talked about—and many developers do. However, there are many compelling arguments for learning plain JavaScript first. Compared to many other programming languages, JavaScript offers one of the more beginner-friendly entry points into the world of coding. It’s important to note that since its creation in 1995 JavaScript is pretty much everywhere on the web—and that’s not likely to change any time soon. According to the 2022 StackOverflow developer survey, it’s the most commonly used programming language for the ten year in a row.

While this approach might be challenging, it is not an impossible task. Teaching yourself JavaScript works best when you’ve taken the time to theoretically review the How to Choose the Best Website Development Consultants language concepts. To facilitate your learning process, practice with real-world projects so you can hasten your transition into a professional JavaScript programmer.

is javascript worth learning

There are loads of frameworks for Javascript which permit us to effortlessly make front-finish of the application, as for instance Angular, React.js, Vue.js, and some more. Additionally, Javascript has an answer for portable applications. To make a versatile front-end, you can utilize an alternate framework like React Native or Flutter or an alternate one. As an extremely well-known programming language, Javascript has a major network of developers. Also, toward the starting, it might appear not significant, however as you begin learning and need some help the size of the network can matter.


The language provides a crucial introduction to key principles and practices that you’ll take with you throughout your career as a developer. As an aspiring developer, you’ll want to make sure that what you’re learning is still relevant in today’s industry. Individualized mentorship Nurture your inner tech pro with personalized guidance from not one, but two industry experts. They’ll provide feedback, support, and advice as you build your new career.

JavaScript first came onto the scene 25 years ago and was developed at Netscape by Brendan Eich. At the time it Java was hot in the programming world so many think the naming convention on javaScript was a marketing ploy by Netscape. It is one of the three core web technologies alongside HTML and CSS.

Yes, it is worth it for all those who wish to pursue careers in web development, software engineering, and robotics. There are an array of opportunities for professionals with this skill. With the advanced features constantly being integrated into the language, its functionality in diverse tech roles and projects is constantly increasing. Backend JavaScript engineers work on the server-side of websites and create web servers, databases, and APIs used by front end developers.

  • The language itself has also improved immensely over the last ten years.
  • JavaScript developers earn an average salary of $107,529 per year.
  • It can also be used to build browser-based games and, with the help of certain frameworks, mobile apps for different operating systems.
  • On the off chance that you are searching for an exit from learning JavaScript I am unfortunately today you can not get away from it.

I mean, you could build your own JS parser for desktop use, but than it wouldn’t use most of javascript, which interacts with the html on your page… Big Data and JS have a promising future, and people with experience are in high demand in both fields. JavaScript Object Notation has become today’s leading standard for modern web data interchange. There are tons of courses and books about JavaScript and its frameworks. Yet few of them aim to teach you Vanilla JavaScript in a comprehensive way. Most of them specialize for a particular JavaScript technology.

TypeScript is Faster Than JavaScript

Choose between Python or JavaScript based on your immediate need. Students should just randomly pick programming languages to learn. Ensure they help you quickly build the skills you need to upscale your career. If you have to choose, choose the one more suited to your current technical capacity, level of experience, expected salary range, and career growth opportunities.

I’ll also mention a couple of resources that helped me to learn these basics. If you’re looking to become a programmer who can always be assured of a stable career and get well compensated for it, then you want to learn JavaScript. Games are a big business today, and developers who know JavaScript have that extra advantage.

is javascript worth learning

While JavaScript isn’t necessarily as difficult to learn as you may have heard, it may take some time to get up to speed. Browse special selection of edX courses & enjoy learning new skills for free. Only pay a small fee later if you wish to receive a certificate of completion. For a limited-time only, you can purchase best Udemy courses for as low as $14.99! Additionally, the end of Python vs. JavaScript debate relates to your experiences and preferences.

Is Learning JavaScript Worth It?

Given that JavaScript mostly focuses on front-end development and user interfaces, learning HTML and CSS would be excellent. If your knowledge is limited only to a single JavaScript framework, you will have a hard time learning a new one. Different frameworks are often based on a different set of JavaScript principles.

Consider it, JavaScript’s standard bundle chief has a greater number of bundles than Java and PHP joined. Most software engineers comprehend that JavaScript has never been more well known than today. It’s eminent in the ongoing history of programming that a greater number of software engineers compose JavaScript than some other programming language on the planet.

The advertising widgets and other interactive elements that appear on website pages are all likely built with JavaScript. Software Engineering Become a software engineer to help businesses develop software, build web apps, and products that will help shape the future of the company. However, if you are not developing a real-time application, speed might not be an issue. Python is not notorious for its speed, especially when you use such frameworks as Django. Scalability is also important when discussing Python vs. JavaScript.

Is JavaScript Worth Learning? 5 Reasons to Learn JavaScript

Traditional courses test my patience and aren’t particularly effective at explaining concepts. I’ve met some incredible people through forums who have made my success possible. As the language has increased in capability and speed, the bet on JS has paid off. Before jQuery/Prototype and the whole AJAX movement came along, the choice of JS seemed non-obvious – why not use VBA , something lex+yacc-able or roll your own language? Moreover, among widespread languages, it has one of the best support for closures. @dkuntz2 Javascript isn’t just good for “web stuff” – I use node.js as a general purpose scripting tool, and for developing desktop applications.

In the advanced period, you don’t have to go to class to learn; presently you simply need a PC and web association with open the learning application and begin learning. Web designers implement styling and interactive functionality to websites and web pages. These professionals are skilled in CSS and JavaScript and can help build the structure of websites and web pages when needed. Web designers earn an average salary of $60,202 , according to the salary review by ZipRecruiter. As a result, you may encounter errors and bugs in your program.

Now, bear in mind that as far as programmers go, there’s no such thing as knowing too many languages. A programmer with a grasp of many languages is a programmer who is highly marketable and very much in demand. The general purpose of turning into a front-end web designer is to shape client associations, and there’s no preferred method to do that over with JavaScript. On the off chance that you love watching clients connect with destinations and applications, JavaScript will permit you to shape the manner in which they think. All the JS frameworks are very inclining these days and it appears they will keep up their interest for a long time.

Software that runs on Python will take longer to respond, making it idle for the user community. Therefore, if you are interested in creating websites that perform efficiently, you should use JavaScript. One important aspect is that JavaScript is difficult to debug. You might notice that despite your code being error-free, the program won’t work . The code in Python has fewer lines than in other languages such as C or C++. JavaScript became an option for backend with the introduction of Node.js environment.

[FreeCodeCamp] JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

Earlier JavaScript was only used to make your page interactive and it was limited to the web browser only. But now this language has become a part of server-side coding as well and it’s giving tough competition to the other languages in the market. You can leverage your JavaScript in areas other than web development.

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